Nudge user of the week: Tracey Hicks

Tracey HicksOur user of the week this week is Tracey Hicks from Dwell Realty in Portland, Oregon.

Tracey saw the value in Nudge very quickly and immediately setup 2 accounts… one for her real estate business and the other for her local real estate newspaper that she publishes on a monthly basis. Here’s what she had to say about using Nudge in her business:

Why did you start using Nudge?

I love the design of it. It’s very user friendly, and I can play around with the colors to match our All Things Real Estate logo!

How often do you use Nudge in your marketing?

I try to use it at least a couple times a month. It’s quickly become part of my social media and email marketing schedule.

What’s working and getting the best response so far?

My best Nudges are the ones with my instagram photos. The BEST one was during Christmas time, I took pics of my kids at World Market, some fun small gifts and a couple cool light fixtures and Nudged my friends and family and a few of my business contacts. The next day we had a class for realtors and THREE people told me they were headed to world market for stocking stuffers after the class because they had seen my Nudge!

I also use it for big news, like when All Things Real Estate was featured on the local news and when we became an insert in the Willamette Week newspaper once a month!

Get to know Nudge a little better this Friday

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Nudge of the week: You’ll love this

Like thatThis week’s Nudge of the week comes to us from Greg Fischer, Broker/Owner of Fischer Real Estate Services of Fort Worth, Texas.

Greg is a long time Nudge user and supporter, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that he’s always finding creative ways to use our product.

As you can see by checking out the screenshot to the left, Greg is using Nudge as a way to follow up with other brokers whom have given feedback on his listings. In this case, he’s recommending they check out one of his new listings and has included some photos and a link to get even more photos and detailed information from his website.

Greg FisherOK, so I know some of you are thinking “what’s the big deal here?”

Well, the “big deal” here was the response that Greg got from a fellow agent about 10 minutes after sending that Nudge out.  See the screenshot to the right taken directly from Marc’s iPhone.

We created Nudge to get YOU results, and THAT’s the kind of response that we love to see!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to produce marketing that can create similar results for you, you should give Nudge a try today.

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Steve HaasThis week’s Nudge User of the Week is Steve Haas of Gardner Realtors based out of Bay St Louis, Mississippi.

Why did you start using Nudge?

Nudge allows me to showcase the natural beauty of my community to the market. With over 90 percent of consumers beginning their real estate search online, being able to market your product with pictures is essential.

Nudge does this better than anyone!

We have an abundance of natural and man-made beauty on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I am a Realtor with Gardner Realtors, so Nudge was a natural choice for me.

How often do you use Nudge in your marketing?

So far I am totally focused on rolling-out a 12 month promotion for the second home market in my Beach Front community which was Katrina impacted. I send one Nudge per month to over 750 agents at Gardner Realtors in the nearby New Orleans area showcasing the amazing lifestyle we have developed here on the Mississippi Coast. New Orleans has been the source of our second home market for many generations and Nudge has helped me reconnect to our second home referral network in a most powerful way.

What’s working and getting the best response so far?

The 12 month community promotion has been very well received by the local business community. They understand the need to rebuild our vacation second home market as it is essential to keeping their doors open. I have not had to ask for help.

Everyone that I tell about what I am doing with Nudge to help rebuild our community has been enthused to offer their help and support. The Old Town Merchants Association and our Hancock County Chamber of Commerce have both volunteered to help me make this campaign a success. It has been the most rewarding venture of my real estate career. We are rebuilding our second home market one Nudge at a time!

Nudge of the week: Views for miles

This week’s Nudge of the week comes to us from Carol Farrar out of North County, San Diego.

The thing we like about Carol’s use of Nudge (other than her beautiful images) is how she really ties it in with the branding of her personal real estate website.  Click through and notice the color scheme matches and provides a pretty consistent experience between the two platforms.

Great job Carol!

Have you tried Nudge yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Try it today!

Nudge user of the week: Rosemary Buerger

Rosemary-BuergerThis week’s Nudge User of the Week is ERA Strother Real Estate’s Rosemary Buerger, from Harnett County, North Carolina.

Why did you start using Nudge?
I started using Nudge because I saw something different and unique. It was not just another shiny object for me to invest in and then wonder what I do with it. I see great potential in how this can be used. I did my very first one and showed it at an agent meeting in my office. They loved the way you can isolate a particular point of a home to showcase. I knew I had made a great decision to invest in Nudge.

How often do you use Nudge in your marketing?
I use it in my listing presentations, and general marketing of homes. I plan on using it weekly to highlight a home I have listed. Particularly to keep my listings front of mind for showings.

What’s working and getting you the best responses so far?
I used it on a listing presentation shortly after signing up. The client loved the attention to a detail I wanted to showcase on a home. He immediately “got it” and expressed that it was my attention to marketing that pushed me over the edge for him. He’d been pretty set to hire the agent before me but I showed up with an aggressive marketing campaign specific to his home. He liked the Nudge and made sure I’d use it for his home.

I also sent a Nudge out to agents in a specific market on a home I was having issues getting showings on. I had a showing scheduled a few days after. It’s a wonderful way to draw attention to your homes, skills, area, etc.

I really enjoy how easy it is to use Nudge to showcase a home, a feature or the neighborhood itself.

Check out some of Rosemary’s recent Nudges:

Practice your swing

A home perfect for family movie nights

Nudge of the week: Meet the merchant

Nudge of the weekThis week we’re featuring a Nudge by Eve Thompson at Long and Foster Realtors in Reston, VA.

Eve’s Nudge introduces us to a local area merchant and highlights some of the products they sell.  She includes pictures of the owner (hello Toya!), her storefront and products along with a link to their website.

We love this kind of “activity based marketing”.

By showcasing her daily activities (assuming Eve frequents this establishment on a regular basis) it shows she is connected to her local business community and it allows her to get out and meet new people while helping them grow their businesses. In return we would hope Eve has no problem getting referrals when the opportunity arises for the business owner to return the favor.

It can definitely be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Is there a business in your local community that you can feature?

Have fun! Get creative! Get Nudging!

Nudge User of the Week: Susan Georgeson

Beginning today and continuing each week, we’re going to crunch some numbers, analyze the stats, and make a totally biased selection of someone we think is using Nudge to it’s full potential. This person will then be awarded the coveted title of Nudge “User of the Week”.

Susan GeorgesonThis week, we’ve chosen Portland, Oregon Realtor Susan Georgeson. Not only has Susan earned elite status as the very first Nudge User of the Week, but she’s also got a sweet surprise heading her way for being so awesome!

We asked Susan a few questions about her use of Nudge. Here are her replies: 

Why did you start using Nudge?

I have been a real estate agent for 7 years and have been looking for a way to keep my name out in front of my prospects, clients, and sphere. I’ve never been a fan of email drip marketing or even direct mail, to me it’s impersonal and spammy – just not the way I want to be engaging my contacts.

I was introduced to Nudge recently and fell in love with it. It’s a perfect way to create a unique and engaging piece that allows me to express my individuality, while providing some interesting/valuable information, and a simple call to action. And it’s so easy to use.

How often do you use Nudge in your marketing?

I have been doing a few per week so far and have been dreaming up all sorts of possible uses. I love the flexibility of being able to email and/or share via social media.

What’s working and getting you the best responses so far?

Last week I sent a targeted Nudge out to 400 agents who work the market around one of my current listings to let them know about a price reduction. So far it has resulted in 3 showings with two very interested parties…

Check out some of Susan’s Nudges: 

10 things to love about Portland

California dreamin’ in the heart of Fort Worth

Looking for more inspiration or information on using Nudge to market your business? Join us on Friday February 8th for our “Getting to know Nudge webinar“. 

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Happy New Year from Nudge

A quick update for all our customers. But first off, thank you for making 2012 an amazing year for all of us working on Nudge. We’re working hard to make sure 2013 is even better!

Over the holidays, we took advantage of the downtime so that our developers could hack out a couple of cool new features for you guys.

First up. Nudge now has its own short URL. Every Nudge will now be shared on the domain. Nudge instantly creates this short URL for you, making it perfect to share on Twitter and other social networks.

So ahead and get Nudging or Nud.g’ng if you prefer.

Second, we’re happy to announce that Nudge is now live in the Spark app store. So if you’re an agent whose MLS participates in Spark, you’ll soon be able to sync all your contacts back and forth into Nudge.

It also means Nudge is now available for purchase to over 9,800 agents in 33 MLSs across the country. And, in the next couple of weeks, the Spark Store is going to be opening up to another 18 MLSs. That’s huge. We’re tremendously proud to be one of the very first real estate applications to be available in this exciting new platform.

We have a lot of things planned for 2013 – and some exciting new announcements soon to come.

Stay tuned!

See Nudge in action – and get marketing ideas from Marc Davison

See Nudge in action and get marketing ideas from Marc Davison (co-founder of 1000watt and Nudge) on this week’s webinar – Wednesday, January 9th at 11:00 am PST.

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Marc will give you a quick tour of Nudge, show you some killer examples, and share some best practices for getting the most out of your digital marketing. You’ll also be able to ask questions after the presentation.

A Nudge is a simple bit of digital marketing – an electronic envelope delivering a headline, images, some copy if you like, and a bold call to action. It can be distributed via email, on the web, or through one’s social connections.  It’s now very easy to share what you see and what you know about your local market, and look great doing it.

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The Nudge Team