Nudge gets an update, you get some awesome

Nudge just received a big update. We think you’re going to like it.

As of right now, you can now create Nudges with Photos. Just upload them from your computer or connect your Nudge account directly to your Instagram account and watch all your cool snaps magically appear right inside Nudge!

It’s now very easy to create awesome, mobile and touch-friendly slideshows you can share anywhere.

Login to your account now and check it out.

Where to start? Anywhere!

You might, for example, create a Nudge to announce a new listing, or a new price reduction. You could use it to capture life in your neighborhood, or report on local events. You could share news about new local establishments, or your favorite things to do in your city.

And you can still answer the question, “How’s the market?” more beautifully than anyone else.

Marketing that works

We are touched by big brands on a daily basis. Starwood. Sur la table. eBay. Nordstrom. Groupon. They grab us with strong visuals, clear words and compelling calls to action.

And it works.We built Nudge so you can do the same thing.

Effective marketing that looks great

Marketing should be expressive. Fun. Personal. It should reflect your brand. Inform your audience. And Nudge them into action.

With Nudge, you don’t have to be a marketing ninja to look like one. We’ve got your back. All the critical elements are there – designed to attract eyeballs and create action.

Thanks for your support.


The Nudge Team

P.S. –  Send your coolest Nudges to We’d love to see them!


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