Nudge User of the Week: Susan Georgeson

Beginning today and continuing each week, we’re going to crunch some numbers, analyze the stats, and make a totally biased selection of someone we think is using Nudge to it’s full potential. This person will then be awarded the coveted title of Nudge “User of the Week”.

Susan GeorgesonThis week, we’ve chosen Portland, Oregon Realtor Susan Georgeson. Not only has Susan earned elite status as the very first Nudge User of the Week, but she’s also got a sweet surprise heading her way for being so awesome!

We asked Susan a few questions about her use of Nudge. Here are her replies: 

Why did you start using Nudge?

I have been a real estate agent for 7 years and have been looking for a way to keep my name out in front of my prospects, clients, and sphere. I’ve never been a fan of email drip marketing or even direct mail, to me it’s impersonal and spammy – just not the way I want to be engaging my contacts.

I was introduced to Nudge recently and fell in love with it. It’s a perfect way to create a unique and engaging piece that allows me to express my individuality, while providing some interesting/valuable information, and a simple call to action. And it’s so easy to use.

How often do you use Nudge in your marketing?

I have been doing a few per week so far and have been dreaming up all sorts of possible uses. I love the flexibility of being able to email and/or share via social media.

What’s working and getting you the best responses so far?

Last week I sent a targeted Nudge out to 400 agents who work the market around one of my current listings to let them know about a price reduction. So far it has resulted in 3 showings with two very interested parties…

Check out some of Susan’s Nudges: 

10 things to love about Portland

California dreamin’ in the heart of Fort Worth

Looking for more inspiration or information on using Nudge to market your business? Join us on Friday February 8th for our “Getting to know Nudge webinar“. 

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