Steve HaasThis week’s Nudge User of the Week is Steve Haas of Gardner Realtors based out of Bay St Louis, Mississippi.

Why did you start using Nudge?

Nudge allows me to showcase the natural beauty of my community to the market. With over 90 percent of consumers beginning their real estate search online, being able to market your product with pictures is essential.

Nudge does this better than anyone!

We have an abundance of natural and man-made beauty on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I am a Realtor with Gardner Realtors, so Nudge was a natural choice for me.

How often do you use Nudge in your marketing?

So far I am totally focused on rolling-out a 12 month promotion for the second home market in my Beach Front community which was Katrina impacted. I send one Nudge per month to over 750 agents at Gardner Realtors in the nearby New Orleans area showcasing the amazing lifestyle we have developed here on the Mississippi Coast. New Orleans has been the source of our second home market for many generations and Nudge has helped me reconnect to our second home referral network in a most powerful way.

What’s working and getting the best response so far?

The 12 month community promotion has been very well received by the local business community. They understand the need to rebuild our vacation second home market as it is essential to keeping their doors open. I have not had to ask for help.

Everyone that I tell about what I am doing with Nudge to help rebuild our community has been enthused to offer their help and support. The Old Town Merchants Association and our Hancock County Chamber of Commerce have both volunteered to help me make this campaign a success. It has been the most rewarding venture of my real estate career. We are rebuilding our second home market one Nudge at a time!

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