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Nudge user of the week: Tracey Hicks

Tracey HicksOur user of the week this week is Tracey Hicks from Dwell Realty in Portland, Oregon.

Tracey saw the value in Nudge very quickly and immediately setup 2 accounts… one for her real estate business and the other for her local real estate newspaper that she publishes on a monthly basis. Here’s what she had to say about using Nudge in her business:

Why did you start using Nudge?

I love the design of it. It’s very user friendly, and I can play around with the colors to match our All Things Real Estate logo!

How often do you use Nudge in your marketing?

I try to use it at least a couple times a month. It’s quickly become part of my social media and email marketing schedule.

What’s working and getting the best response so far?

My best Nudges are the ones with my instagram photos. The BEST one was during Christmas time, I took pics of my kids at World Market, some fun small gifts and a couple cool light fixtures and Nudged my friends and family and a few of my business contacts. The next day we had a class for realtors and THREE people told me they were headed to world market for stocking stuffers after the class because they had seen my Nudge!

I also use it for big news, like when All Things Real Estate was featured on the local news and when we became an insert in the Willamette Week newspaper once a month!